Mad Hawkes’ Talks Babe Rock and New Music

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Mad Hawkes’ flair for life is equally as amazing as her flair for music. She went with the “babe rock” genre for herself and her music. “I overheard someone say the word so I just went with it. I admire Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes and Amy Winehouse. They just both bring such a forceful female presence. You know they’re there,” she tells me.

Born Ruffians Are Keeping It Authentic

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Born Ruffians are known for their energetic live-show, their sharp lyricism, and their relatability. They make songs that are down-to-earth and more casual, but they have this undeniable chemistry. Luke and Mitch are cousins and Steve met them in high school. He says, “Luke and I had both seen the Strokes on Saturday Night Live and we decided we wanted to do that too.”

LOYALS Are A Trio To Be Reckoned With

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For a lot of us in music discovery we are fascinated with the idea of finding a “new band”. I am 103% one of these people. Usually, the discovery leads to further investigation, which leads to a much better understanding of where a band came from and how they get to the point of discovery. No truer example of this is the Nashville threesome, LOYALS.

Gin Wigmore Talks New Music and Motherhood

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Gin Wigmore’s voice is ridiculously captivating. She’s been busy in the studios working on her album due next year, but also she’s been very busy being a mom. Having relocated from New Zealand over 12 years ago wasn’t exactly easy for Wigmore. She says, “I made the final leap after 7 years in Australia and a few failed relationships. It was pretty terrifying moving and completely starting from square one again but as soon as I got my click of pals, I was set. I think that’s one of the main things you need to get sorted when you move to a new city for the first time, find good friends ASAP!”

R.LUM.R And What It Means To Be In His Framily

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For many people, 2017 just was not their year. Wither politics, personal issues, or just worldly problems, the year was filled with a lot of darkness. However, I want to talk about a huge bright spot of the year, the music from Reginald Lamar Williams Jr., or as you may know him, R.LUM.R. I have gotten to know Reggie over the past two years; he is a staple in the Nashville music scene. Not only is he a classically trained acoustic guitarist, but he also loves anime, even studying Japanese as a second language during his time at Florida State University. With almost 1 Million monthly Spotify listeners, multiple cover spots on playlists, a SXSW headlining showcase, a spot on 2017’s ACL Lineup, and the release of his debut EP, Afterimage, we talk with R.LUM.R about his huge year and what is to come.

SUR Tells Us How The California Coast Inspired His Latest Project

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Zack Arnett, who you’ll know as SUR, is as smooth as his music. As a musician and producer, his latest project was inspired by a trip along the California coast. Zack became frustrated by the city of Los Angeles so he created a studio in the back of his RV and journeyed throughout the desert and national parks and of course, Big Sur.  His music is inspiring, creative, and his personality is nothing short of that, too.