Fashion (How to Dress Like…)

  • How To Dress Like Brandon Flowers

    November 15, 2017The Killers have made an incredible comeback with their album Wonderful Wonderful. I could go on and on about how their latest album is so poetic and beautiful but also so incredibly sad. And as...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like HAIM

    July 12, 2017HAIM, the sister trio that has us all craving blood harmonies and perfectly beachy hair. Their sophomore album Something To Tell You has finally come out and it's destined to be our summer soundtrack, so...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Mandy Lee

    May 3, 2017We were JUST talking about how amazing Misterwives are, but we have such a love for Mandy Lee, the badass frontwoman that wives all her misters. She is an impeccable live performer, has an incredible...READ MORE
  • Our Festival Fashion Favorites

    April 16, 2017Festival season is like a 4-5 month Christmas that comes every year complete with a new wardrobe, road trips, and magical moments. It is beautiful and stressful and nothing gives me more joy and panic...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Grimes

    March 29, 2017Grimes (Claire Boucher) is incredible. She is extremely intelligent, creative, and a phenomenal producer. Her latest album Art Angels is revolutionary and her live shows are life changing. I swear when she does that scream...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Lady Gaga

    February 22, 2017Lady Gaga is an icon. Her Superbowl performance was stunning and her new album Joanna is such a departure from her previous work but it’s flawless from start to finish. Her look is always changing...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Ariana Grande

    January 26, 2017Ariana Grande had a huge year in 2016. Her album Dangerous Woman was flawless. Seriously, converted me into an Ariana fan almost instantly. Her vocals are so effortless and the production is unbeatable. Really. Fantastic....READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Avril Lavigne

    January 18, 2017Okay, so if all trends resurface eventually then Avril Lavigne's iconic 2000's style will be back. It probably already is with all the fishnet/graphic t's/trucker hat looks I've been seeing on Instagram. So let's look...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Camila Cabello

    January 11, 2017I hate to play favorites but Camila has always been my favorite girl in Fifth Harmony. Yes, they all have their strengths but Camila had undeniable star-power and I'm biased towards pint-sized girls with big...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Sydney Sierota

    January 4, 2017When Echosmith first came on the scene darling Sydney Sierota was so young! She's so talented. Their song "Cool Kids" took off like crazy and we heard it everywhere. Sydney has developed a certain cool-girl...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Bea Miller

    December 28, 2016I think "Yes Girl" was one of my favorite songs this year. Easily. Bea has an incredible voice and the lyrics. Relatable AF. It's been on my mind lately and I think Bea is such...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Rihanna

    December 15, 2016Oh RiRi, your style never disappoints. We all know that New Years Eve is everyone's excuse for pulling out all the stops on glam factor and who better to give us inspiration that Rihanna. There...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like Zara Larsson

    November 24, 2016Zara Larsson is dominating. The Swedish native has been all over the radio. She is an incredible dancer and she's only 18!!!! That's crazy, she's so talented.
  • How To Dress Like Dua Lipa

    November 9, 2016Dua Lipa is all over the place right now. Her music is damn fantastic. Just listen to "Blow Your Mind" or "Hotter Than Hell" and tell me how amazing they are. I'm convinced she is...READ MORE
  • How To Dress Like CL

    November 2, 2016CL or Chaelin Lee, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper and model. She trained in JYP Entertainment before joining YG Entertainment (basically the group that creates every amazing K-Pop group). She started in 2NE1,...READ MORE