Ella Vos Talks About Her Dreamy Music

January 18, 2018Not often would you find an artist as open and honest about their music as Ella Vos. Her ethereal aesthetic and uptempo pop beat make you feel like you're entering into a psychedelic Californian dream,...READ MORE

Music Predictions For 2018

January 8, 2018Though 2017 gave us a lot of great music and wonderful new artists, we look forward to forgetting about them and jumping onto new hype trains. Let’s throw out those old 2017 band tees and...READ MORE

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How To Dress Like Camila Cabello Part Two

January 17, 2018Camila is on fire right now, the former Fifth Harmony member just released her first album titled Camila, duh, and we can’t stop listening to it. Even though we’ve already covered her fashion, she’s had...READ MORE

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J. Marco Is Set For Stardom

January 9, 2018J. Marco is probably one of the coolest guys I’ve gotten to interview yet. Former Boston native and now a Nashvillian, the singer-songwriter talked to me about his debut album that just came out last...READ MORE

Made Violent Needs To Be On Your Playlist

January 2, 2018While I was on my honeymoon this past October, one of my good friends Brooks made my weekly playlist. Included in that week’s playlist was a standout track from Buffalo rock band Made Violent. With...READ MORE

Alex Riddle’s Shimmering Rock Sound

January 8, 2018Houston is known for its booming rap scene that started the careers of Slim Thug, Bun B, and of course, Beyonce, but Houston has more depth than that. There's a thriving indie rock scene that...READ MORE

My Love Affair With The Killers

November 22, 2017“Don’t you wanna come with me?” The six words every die hard fan wants to hear Brandon Flowers sing to them (and a few thousand other people) while The Killers closed out ACL 2017 on a...READ MORE

Parade Of Lights Are Having A Moment

August 18, 2017Parade of Lights are having a moment, the indie pop band just released a new single “Touch” and it’s the first track they’ve released since their debut album Feeling Electric. You’ve definitely heard of them...READ MORE