Me Too

October 20, 2017In light of all the brave women going public with their stories, I thought I’d share mine which isn’t near as bad as some of the things I’ve heard but has still haunted me. I...READ MORE

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Sophie Simmons Is Destined To Be A Household Name

September 21, 2017Between her rocker dad and a reality television show, Sophie Simmons was bound to be a household name. Being in the spotlight and accepting the challenges became very intuitive for the young singer and philanthropist.

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Women In Music: Who Run The World

August 9, 2017Who Run The World is London's first promotions company exclusively showcasing women in music. They're celebrating their second birthday on August 13th with a killer lineup featuring ARXX, Fightmilk, The Baby Seals, The Menstrual Cramps,...READ MORE

Brendan Hines on Superheros and Music

September 18, 2017So The Tick premiered on Amazon Prime this past weekend and I was living for this new series. (Fun fact, I’m a sucker for the superhero movies, tv spin-offs, etc.) But did you guys know...READ MORE

Kim Petras Wants It All

September 19, 2017When I first heard Kim Petras sing “I Don’t Want It At All” live I was floored. What an incredible voice! The song that’s the most unadulterated and pure pop song was actually based on...READ MORE

Joywave’s Content Has A Deeper Meaning

August 4, 2017Joywave is always pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity in music and their latest, Content, is no exception. I talked to Paul Brenner, drums, about their new album, and Kanye West.

Ellington Ratliff on R5’s New Addictions

July 26, 2017“Don’t correct people. Even if you know you’re right and the other party is wrong, just do this as a everyday courtesy. You know there’s Google. Chances are they’ve already looked it up.”

Parade Of Lights Are Having A Moment

August 18, 2017Parade of Lights are having a moment, the indie pop band just released a new single “Touch” and it’s the first track they’ve released since their debut album Feeling Electric. You’ve definitely heard of them...READ MORE