Erin Bowman Is All About That Good Life

April 26, 2017There’s a chance you’ve heard Erin Bowman’s music. Her single “Good Time Good Life” has been on nearly every imaginable TV Show and awards program, hell, you’ve probably heard it shopping at Ulta.

How VR Is Changing the Music Industry

April 5, 2017SXSW is known for a lot of things; music, tech, crazy traffic, but one thing that was on everyone’s minds this year was VR. You can’t go anywhere without hearing about it or testing it....READ MORE

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Our Festival Fashion Favorites

April 16, 2017Festival season is like a 4-5 month Christmas that comes every year complete with a new wardrobe, road trips, and magical moments. It is beautiful and stressful and nothing gives me more joy and panic...READ MORE

Women In Music: Katrina Barber

April 20, 2017I’ve been Instagram-stalking Katrina Barber for a long time now. Seriously, these are some of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. She just knows how to capture a moment, whether it's a portrait of...READ MORE

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Ashley Brinton Is One To Watch

March 28, 2017With each rising artist, I realize how brave and fearless each young woman I interview is. 15-year-old Ashley Brinton is no exception. She’s definitely one of the ones to watch breaking out this summer. She...READ MORE

JAIN’S Zanaka Is Your Summer Soundtrack

March 26, 2017JAIN is literally devouring the internet as we speak. Her videos for “Come” and “Makeba” are so visually stunning, her music is insanely catchy and diverse, and to top it off her live performance was...READ MORE